Monday, May 27, 2013

Charley's birthday

Memorial Day

Last night I watched the National Memorial Day concert on IPTV.  Cried the whole time.  What a wonderful tribute, especially to the returning veterans and their families.  Very moving.  Then, this morning I participated in Oskaloosa's Memorial Day program.  It had to be indoors so I missed the beautiful setting of Forest Cemetery but the ceremony was still very reverent and inspiring.  Plus side - no muddy shoes or folding chairs sinking into the ground!  Or bugs!

Tomorrow I will finish school for the year.  My principal and his family had a baby on Saturday, so I don't know how that will affect check out.  My teaching companion and friend, Kathi, has retired.  Her reception on Friday was tough for me emotionally - I couldn't do a tribute as I should have.  Luckily Kathi understands.  She's the one I spend time with every school morning - we call it having coffee but we rarely actually drink the stuff.  I will sorely miss her and will need to push myself to get out of my room at noon so I don't become isolated.    She can't be at school tomorrow so I will go again on Wednesday to help her move some things. 

I have started my summer plans - babysitting for Charley and Drew once a week or so; visiting Emily, Dallas and Noelle as often as I can; visiting Mom every couple of weeks; city band; sewing; planning menus so Dan doesn't have to cook; learning to machine quilt; reading more; playing in Chelsey's garden if it ever quits raining.  If you have things to add to my list, please let me know!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Is it really here?  today I wore my spring jacket out for bus duty for the first time this year.  Of course, I had a fleece under it, but didn't need a hat or hood or umbrella or scarf or mittens. 

Since I posted last, I have mentored a very capable student teacher and now have done a week without her.  I have administered all the Spring tests required by the district (HATE to do these!) and met the student teacher I will have next Spring.  I have also renewed my teaching certificate for the very last time!

My best teaching buddy is retiring in 20 days and I am feeling lost already.  Anyone want to come keep me company every morning at 6:15?

I am looking forward to doing a little gardening at Greg and Chelsey's pretty soon and to seeing my grands a bit more.  We officially finish school May 28 (kids are out before Memorial Day).

Ragbraii is coming to town this summer - excitement is already brewing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

It's party time here at school, so I have no students.  I thought I'd take just a minute or two to post. 
Random thoughts:  They have approved the school calendar for next year.  Kids start August 20th.  Makes the summer seems short.  No week Spring break next year - two long weekends, instead.  One of them can be taken back for snowdays.  I'll predict next winter will be a hard one.    Retirement sounds so nice, but I can't afford the insurance so have to work until Medicare.  My best friend is retiring, so I won't have anyone to have coffee with and vent every morning at 6:30. 

I've made some of those beautiful ruffly scarves.  If you want one, let me know!

Lesson plans are calling me, so better get dedicated.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Season of Miracles

When's the last time you held a newborn in your arms?  There isn't any doubt the world isn't going to end any time soon.  Today we were entrusted to a very special task - our first time to babysit for Drew!  We went to the hospital to visit Drew and his parents after church.  Poor little Charley has the cough and runny nose that makes it hard to breathe and the wheezes to prove it.  With mom at the hospital, we grandmas and aunties were trying our best to care for him, but his breathing bothered us.  He spent the night at Nana Joann's but was still having trouble today so we all decided Charley needed a trip to the emergency room, just to be sure.  When Joann and Charley arrived, Greg and Chelsey were able to go downstairs to ER to be with him.  We got to stay with Drew.  He had been seen earlier by the Dr to get a special procedure done and didn't want to nurse.  We were able to keep him pretty contented for a while but couldn't provide what he wanted while Chelsey was downstairs.  We consulted with the nurses but didn't want to supplement with formula without Mom and Dad's ok. 
All came out alright - Greg gave a bottle when they came upstairs so Chelsey could shower away any germs and Charley had a nebulizer treatment and a change in meds, so hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow when Drew, Chelsey and Greg can go home.
Even though our plans to celebrate Christmas Saturday morning didn't happen, we did get to see everyone.  It will surely be a Christmas to remember!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Homecoming week

School is moving right along, with parent teacher conferences next week already!  This week was/is Homecoming.  At the elementary school, this means dressing "differently".   Monday was pj day (I am never sure I want kids coming in pj's - do they wash them after sleeping in them, before coming to school?) Tuesday -Sock it to 'em day - so crazy socks.  There are many many varieties of crazy socks!  Wednesday, besides being the day when Iowa walked over the noon hour, was cap/hat day - I guess to cap a victory?  Saw some really cute hats, but most were not conducive to good learning.  One of my students had a moose hat with one antler that kept flopping down, so he had to keep pushing it back, like he had long hair.  Another has a sombrero - it took up enough space for three people.  Plus none of my students could tell me why we were having hat day. My favorite was a Goofy hat, looked just like the Goofy Disney character.   Thursday was camo day (hunting for a victory) so we couldn't do anything because no one could find the kids.  Today was Osky spirit day - as are most Fridays.

The weather cooled off but students/parents haven't got the hang of it yet.  Some students were in winter coats which felt pretty good with the winds we get on our playground while others were still in shots, t shirts and flip flops.  Always makes me wonder if the kids snuck back in and changed after their parents thought they were dressed for school and how many times my own kids did that after I left.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What a nice day!  Cyclones bring home the trophy again and we are babysitting for Charley.  This is always fun!  Tomorrow the choir will sing again and we will help to celebrate Noelle's birthday.

School is in full swing.   I try to arrive by 6:15 each day so my friend Kathi and I can chat a while before beginning work.  Then we buckle down and get a solid hour in before other folks start to arrive.  This year I supervise the bus students' arrival every morning (7:45-815).  There are 22 buses.  Then after school I walk fourth graders to their buses and help supervise them outside (translates to keeping them from running each other down).  This I will do every other week.  I have 14 students in three grades.  This translates to 8 teaching groups each day.  Since I go to school early, I can leave most afternoons by 4:00.